Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Barbecue Turkey In The Slow Cooker!

This one's easy folks. And with everything that's going on around the cottage, easy is working really well right now!

3 lbs. turkey boneless skinless turkey breast
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup hot barbecue sauce
1/2  cup water
3/4 cup mild barbecue sauce
This is going to take most of the day to cook but it doesn't need much attention, which is good news!

Don't heat the slow cooker first. Place the turkey breast meat into your slow cooker. Sprinkle with the salt and add the hot bbq sauce and the water. Turn the cooker on low and cover. My turkey breast was frozen because I didn't plan ahead :) That's how I roll sometimes. (a lot) Cook for at least an hour before checking on it, even if it isn't frozen. I also need to add that this was wild turkey and it has to cook low and slow or you might as well put a baseball glove in to simmer!

At this point it had been cooking for three hours and I could separate it with a fork. This helps it get tender through out. Add 1/4 of the mild sauce, return the lid to the pot and continue cooking.

This is at hour number five. I took a fork and tore it apart a little more and added 1/4 cup of the mild sauce. Recover and continue cooking.

Hour number seven and it's ready to remove from the pot.

I couldn't believe just how tender it was! I was able to shred it easily with two forks.

Now one last time return the shredded meat to the pot and add the rest of the sauce. Cover and cook for another hour. 

So tender and so juicy and oh so yummy!

These are huge plates. And I had seconds....

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