Thursday, July 26, 2012

Curry Chicken Casserole

Here's a new twist on an old fave! I found the basis for this recipe years ago in an old cookbook by Sally Goldman. I've been tweaking it for years and by George I think I've got it down just right!
Hope you like it and please forgive the Southern/extremely country twang in my voice. It's all natural and embarrassing as well. Please excuse the video taping as well. I do it all alone and it's a little more difficult than I thought it was going to be...
Gotta start somewhere!


  1. I love the background! you picked for this one!

  2. Love the recipe! Can't wait to try it! And your video is great! Felt like I was watching the food network channel. In fact, liked it all so much, that I've followed you on Google Friend! Have a blessed, full day!

  3. yummy, just support to you

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