Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Saturday Evening and Uncle Wilson's Grilled Onions!

I'm going to tell you something that I'm not necessarily proud of. While reviewing this recipe this morning, I just noticed that the directions read "cut into quarters to serve." Do you see mine cut into quarters? No sirree, I ate the entire thing! It was just that good! This recipe is from Trisha Yearwood's new show on Food  Network. Love her, love the show and I love her Uncle Wilson and his grilled onions! Here's the link to her recipe:
and here are my photos making her recipe, using her instructions and adding my notes in parenthesis. I served mine with marinated, grilled pork chops, steamed broccoli and hollandaise sauce. Amazing....

Ingredients for four servings:
2 medium Vidalia onions
2 teaspoons butter (I used 4 teaspoons for 2 onions. Uncle Wilson said I could on Trisha's show...)
4 slices bacon (I used thick cut :)
salt and pepper to taste

You can grill these, like Uncle Wilson did or cook them in the oven. I chose the oven method so I wouldn't be in JD's way while he was grilling the chops. That keeps him from getting cranky and cutting those black eyes in my directions. I wish I had black eyes to cut in order to get a message across. Just sayin'...

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. (After cooking for thirty minutes on 350 I checked the onions. They were getting tender, but the bacon was limp. So I cranked it up to 425 and pulled the foil from around the bacon for the last thirty minutes and it all turned out well. My oven doesn't behave sometimes!)

Peel and wash the onions.

Trim off the root end.

With the point of a small knife, cut a 1- inch core from the top of each onion and make shallow slits in a circle around the top.

Wrap 2 slices of bacon horizontally around each onion, and secure them with toothpicks. (Push them into the onions until only about 1/2 inch of the toothpick is visible. This prevents them from making a hole in the foil when you wrap them.) Then put 1 teaspoon (I used 2) of butter in each core. Season with salt and pepper. 

Place each onion on a square of aluminum foil and bring the edges together at the top, leaving a small opening for steam to escape. Put the foil-wrapped onions on the grill and cook for one hour, or until the onions are tender when pierced with the tip of a knife. You can also bake in the oven for 1 hour on 350 degrees. Cool the onions for a few minutes then unwrap and cut into quarters to serve. Don't be like me and eat the whole thing. If you can help yourself that is....

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