Monday, April 30, 2012

Grilled Onion Burgers and Garlic Butter Roasted Corn!

Here at the cottage, we love a good burger and we know just how to make them! First of all, they must be huge, at least a half pound each. And yes I've been known to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Hey, I work hard around here! Secondly, I love a good side with my burger, especially roasted corn. I was able to get this corn at Geary Jolley Produce on Saturday. I love it that my cottage is situated next door to a produce stand!

Let's get started!

Gently peel the shucks back on the corn and leave them attached. Remove all of the silks. 
Now there's two ways you can do this, the high road and the low road. I've taken both, depending on how tired (lazy) I am. 
The high road, for two ears of corn:
3 cloves roasted garlic (to roast the garlic, place the cloves, top ends trimmed, onto a several small layers of foil. Drizzle them with olive oil and place them into an oven preheated to 300 degrees. Roast for thirty minutes or until they're soft. When they've cooled, squeeze the softened garlic into a small bowl and mix with 1/3 stick of very soft, or slightly melted butter. Now spread this mixture onto the corn, covering every surface well.) Sprinkle with salt.

The low road, for two ears of corn:
Spread 1/3 of a stick of very soft or slightly melted butter onto the corn. Sprinkle with garlic salt. You have to cover the ears with butter and garlic salt. If you think you have too much, then it's probably just right!

See? I've 'lathered' mine! Guess I've told on myself. You don't see any photos of roasted garlic do you? That's right, I took the low road. Shame...

Now roll the corn up in foil. They're ready to go on the grill. On to the burgers!

Burger Team: (for two burgers)
One pound of ground chuck of venison, (we're using venison)
Worcestershire sauce-3 tablespoons
Salt-1/2 teaspoon
Garlic powder-1/2 teaspoon
Freshly ground black pepper-1/2 teaspoon

Place onion slices on top of burgers that you have already patted out. I use onions that I've sliced to about 1/3 inch thickness. You can slice them as thick or thin as you like. Press down on the onions and pat the burger up around the sides of the onions, so that they kind of sitting 'in' the middle. 

Pour the Worcestershire sauce onto the burgers before you season them. That will keep the sauce from floating the seasonings off of the burgers onto the plate. Experience talking here...

Heat the grill to medium high. Go ahead and put the corn on first, it needs to roast for about thirty minutes, unless you like yours really done. If so forty five minutes should be enough.

Place the burgers onto the heated grill, onion side up. We like ours on the rare side, so about five or six minutes per side does it for us. After you've flipped them and they've cooked on side number two, add the cheese to melt while they're still on the grill.

Hungry yet?

I really wish I would pay more attention while I'm taking pictures. Why in the world didn't I move the corn just a little more toward the dill pickles? Awesome burger though, and awesome bicolor corn!

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